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Got a brickwall?

Many of us (all of us?) have hit a brick wall or two in our research.

Perhaps the suggestions offered in the free online Genealogy In Time Magazine will prompt some lateral thinking and help break down some of those walls.

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ADAMS 1810 Stoke-On-Trent, Sts England
ADAMSON ALL Dumfries Scotland
ADAMSON From 1870s Sydney Australian
ALLPRESS 1840S Adelaide South Australia
ALLSOP 1854 Duffeld Dby England>Australia
ALLSOP 1854+ Duffeld, Dby>NSW England
BAINBRIDGE 1852-1918 Romaldkirk Durham/Yks Wribbenhall Wor England
BARKER Pre 1840’S Parramatta UK>Australia
BARNES 1818 Liverpool England
BARNES 1818+ Liverpool England
BARNES 1912+ Quirindi NSW Australia
BARTON 1800- Dromore TYRONE Ireland>Australia
BELL 1800S Down Ireland>Australia
BENSON Up to 1900s Yorkshire England
BOX Up to 1850 Cornwall England
BOX From 1880 Lorne and Wagga Wagga Victoria and NSW, Australia
BRANSDON, Jane Isabel b 22.3.1868 daughter of William Bransdon &Agnes Griffen (&they were married in Port Stephens on 5.5.1865) she married Leonard Charles Johnston in Port Macquarie in 1900. Also Janes brother  William Henry B b 1867… sister Agnes Griffen B  b 8.1.1872. They had 15 children altogether but subsequent ones were born in Port Macquarie where they must have moved to between 1872 and 1874. Leonard was Adam Johnstons son. Port Stephens>Australia
BRENNAN, BENEDICT 1865+ Born Coolah, Talbragar River NSW ANYWHERE
BRENNAN, JOHN 1849+ Cool-Ah Talbragar River NSW Australia
BRENNAN, WILLIAM 1827+ Muckalee Kik Ireland
BRENNAN, WILLIAM 1864+ Born Coolah Talbragar River NSW ANYWHERE
BRENNAN, WILLIAM 1864+ Born Coolah Talbragar River NSW ANYWHERE
BROPHY 1800- All Ireland
BROWN EARLY 1800S Moonta SA – Broken Hill NSW Australia
BURT 1882 Moonta South Australia
BUTCHER 1772 Tring/Hrt UK
BUTCHER 1864 – Leighton/Buzzard/Bdf UK
BUTCHER 1904- Potchefstroom South Africa
BUTCHER 1913- Qld/Aus Australia
BUTCHER M1771 Chesham/Bkm UK
BYRNE 1800+ Glendalough Wic Ireland
CAREY 1800+ Wic Ireland
CARRUTHERS 1880S Brompton SA Australia
CARTER 1850S Moulamein NSW Australia
CHEYNE 1700-1900 Shetland Scotland>Australia
CHRISTIAN 1916 Broken Hill Australia
CLAUSEN 1700-1847 Prussia GER>Australia (SA)
CLAYTON 1861-1929 Sydney, NSW Australia
COLLINS 1902 Broken Hill Australia
COSTELLO 1800-2000 Melbourne Ireland>Australia
CULLEN 1800+ Kilquade Wic Ireland
CULLEN, DANIEL 1800+ Woolangabba Qld Australia
DANBY 1843- Bewdley WOR England
DAWSON ALL Newcastle Upon Tyne England
DAWSON From 1920s Marrickville Australia
DEGOUMOIS 1854 Tramelan, Switzerland Bern Switzerland
DICKSON 1800+ Laois > NSW Ireland, Tasmania and NSW
DONOVAN Wex Ireland>Australia
DREW 1850 Burra Burra, Victoria Australia
DUNSTAN 1896 Broken Hill Australia
EDGECUMBE 1890S Port Elliott SA Australia
ELLIS -1871 Brompton by North Allerton England
ELLIS -1871 Halifax Yorkshire England
ELLIS 1871+ Adelaide SA Australia
ELLIS 1871+ Longreach Qld Australia
ELSTUB 1800+ Sydney NSW Australia
ENGLISH Pre 1798 Carrick-On-Suir, Waterford Ireland
ENOCH 1700s Warwick England
ENOCH From 1820s Hay-on-Wye Wales, United Kingdom
EVANS 1860-1936 Sydney NSW
EYLES ALL Sydney Australia
FARNSWORTH 1920 Sydney NSW Australia
FLOWERS 1832 Matrtin Lnc England
FRASER 1700-1900 Shetland Scotland>Australia (SA)
FURLER 1903 Broken Hill Australia
GALLAGHER Melbourne Ireland to Australia
GALWAY 1866-1910 Sydney NSW Australia
GARDYNE, David B1829 Montrose Scotland
GILLIVER Pre 1680 Polesworth, Warwickshire and Clifton Campvll, Staffordshire, England UK
GILMOUR 1800- Dromore TYR Ireland>Australia
GOODMAN 1858-1930 Kaiwarrawarra Sydney NSW Australia
GROVER Pre 1761 New Brentford, London, Middlesex, England UK
HAMILTON 1800+ Hamilton Scotland
HANLON 1800- Cork/Clare Ireland
HARDING 1879 Moonta, South Australia Australia
HARTLEY 1800S Leeds Liverpool England
HARTLEY 1837+ Sydney NSW Australia
HARVEY 1856-1918 Great Haywood Sts England
HILL, Emma Sarah B1847 Bedford England
HILTON NEE KING 1946 Lancing/West/Ssx UK
HOCKING 1859 Kooringa SA & Harrietville Vic Australia
HOCKING 1750S Redruth Cornwall England
HOCKING 1750S Redruth CON England
HOGAN PRE 1857 Tipperary IRELAND
HOLMES, Thomas W B1909 Heylake, Cheshire UK
HOLT 1800+ Rochdale Lan>.NSW,Vic UK > Australia
HOPE, Jane B1808 Peebles Scotland
HUGHES 1800 Ennis Clare Ireland>Australia (QLD)
HUNTRESS 1918+ Brisbane Qld Australia
HURD 1800S Geelong Vic Australia
INKSTER 1700-1900 Shetland Scotland>Australia (SA)
IRELAND Pre 1740 Charlbury,Oxfordshire,England UK
JELLIMAN 1871 B Hoxton.Mdx UK
JOHNSTON, Adam B1834 Bathurst, NSW Australia
JOHNSTON, Robert B1854 Montrose Scotland
JONES 1859-1913 London Middlesex NSW Sydney England>Australia
JULIAN 1859 Kooringa South Ausralia Australia
KENNEDY 1922 Alnwick Nbl England
KENNEDY 1800- Tipperary Ireland>Australia
KINKADE 1904 Waterloo NSW Australia
LE LIEVRE 1700+ Jersey Chi France
LEISK 1700-1900 Shetland Scotland>Australia (VIC TAS)
LEONARD 1823-1911 Mildenhall  Sfk Sydney NSW England>Australia
LEWIS 1882 Neath WALES
LEWIS 1882 Wallsend(NSW) Australia
LINSLEY 1850+ Sydney NSW Australia
LOW (E) 1800+ Dublin Ireland
LOWE 1800- Newrie, Co Down Ireland>Australia
LYNDON From 1850s Wagga Wagga NSW Australia
MACKENZIE 1700+ Balintore Scotland
MACLEAN, Hannah Wright b 1841 daughter of William McLean & Jean (Jane) McLeod She married Adam Johnston in Wingham in 1859 Scotland
MAHER PRE 1900 Middlesex ENGLAND
MANUEL 1800 New England Australia
MARTIN 1881 Cross Roads, South Australia Australia
MASON 1887 Tumbulgum/NSW/ Australia
MASON 1912- Newcastle/NSW Australia
MATTHEWS Pre 1832 Surrey, England UK
MCALLISTER 1880- Newrie, Co Down Ireland>Australia
MCAULAY 1844-1911 Sydney NSW
MCCARTNEY 1800- Liverpool LANCS Ireland>England
MCCARTY/MCCARTHY 1800S Cork Ireland>Australia
MCCAULEY 1800S Dublin Ireland





MCCLELLAND, THOMAS JAMES     1842-1859 Maitland



MCCLELLAND, WALTER CECIL 1871-1951 Newcastle


MCCLELLAND, WALTER HAMILTON                1846-1907 Maitland



MEYER 1880S Camperdown NSW Australia
MILLER ? St Lukes/Mdx UK
MILLER 1793 Thetford /Nfk UK
MILLER ALL London and Portsmouth England
MOBBS Pre 1763 Middlesex, England UK
MOONEY 1800+ ? Ireland
NANCARROW 1700s Gwennap CON England
NANCARROW 1800S Gwinear CON England
NEELANDS 1800- Dromore TYRONE Ireland>Australia
NIELSEN 1800+ Skibby Denmark > Tas Australia
OAKEY 1823-1893 Upper Arley Staffordshire, England
O’BRIEN Tralee KERRY Ireland> England
O’LEARY 1800S Ker Ireland>England
O’LEARY all Castleisland KERRY Ireland>England
O’NEILL 1800- Tipperary Ireland>Australia
O’RIEN 1883 Moonta, South Ausstralia Australia
PATTERSON ALL Hunter Region Australia
PATTERSON From 1700s Cavan Ireland
PATTON, David B1836 Perthshire Scotland
PAULL 1901 Broken Hill Australia
PAYNE ALL Birmingham and Warwick England
PAYNE From 1900 Sydney and Wagga Wagga, NSW Australia
PETTIGREW 1800+ Airdrie Scotland
PHELAN 1897 Harrietville Victoria Australia
PHILLIPS 1850 Cornwall England
PINDER 1800- Wexford Ireland
PITHERS 1810+ Bloomsbury London Mdx UK & Sydney
PRESTON PRE 1890 Shanghai China
PROVEST M 1841 Wraysbury Bks England
RICKARBY 1800S Liverpool England
ROBINSON 1851-1937 Cockerton Durham Wribbenhall Wor England
SAUNDERS 1880S Robertson NSW Australia
SAUNDERS mid 1800s Maitland NSW Australia
SCHRADER 1700-1857 Prussia Germany>Australia
SEMMENS 1800S St Agnes CON England
SHORT 1880+ Freemount Kilquade, Wic Ireland
SHRUBB 1850 Surry/Eng UK
SHRUBB 1878 Blackheath/Kent UK
SHRUBB 1882- Slinford/Ssx UK
SILLS 1800s Geelong Vic Australia
SIMMONDS 1842-1899 Stoddesdon, Sal Upper Arley, Sts England
SKEAD 1800S Dunbar Eln Scotland>WORLD
SKED 1800S Dunbar Eln Scotland>WORLD
SKINNER Pre 1800 Ssx UK


Father John Smith 1837

Yarn Bundler

1891 Census

Littlejohn St Dundee

Mother Jane

C 1880 Dundee Scotland
SOLLOM 1850-1920 Stafford STS England

Mary Henderson

Born 4/10/1901 20/8/1976

Father- George Speed  – 30/11/1864 – 18/12/1935 –  Reed maker

Mother -Helen Gordon Smith – 23/4/1865 – 29/10/1927

Nellie Speed – 10/5/1892 – 15/2/1944

George Speed Jnr – 7/10/1893

SUMMERS 1905 Broken Hill NSW Australia
SUTTON Pre 1886 London Middlesex England
SWEENEY 1586+ Mudgee NSW Australia
SWEENEY 1586+ Mudgee NSW Australia
SWEENEY Pre 1856 Kik Ireland
SWEENEY Pre 1856 Kik Ireland
SWIFT 1832+ Longborough Lei >NSW England
TAIT 1700-1900 Shetland Scotland>Australia
THARME 1800S Stf England
THOMAS 1918 Broken Hill Australia
THWAITE Pre 1834 Saddleworth Yks England
TOMLINSON Pre 1769 England UK
TRAIN, John B1794 Muirkirk, Ayr Scotland
TRESTRAIL & HARRIS Mid to Late 1800s Burra & Daly Dists. SA
TRIMMER 1850+ Wic Ireland
TULLIER 1838 Paris France
TULLIER 1877 Townsville(Qld) Australia
TYNE 1800+ Cla Ireland
VAWSER 1918 Broken Hill, NSW Australia
VOUNMARD 1860S Tramelan Bern Switzerland
WAKEHAM 1800+ Dartmouth Dev UK
WAKEHAM 1800+ Sydney NSW Australia
WALSH 1800- Dublin Ireland
WARE 1836 Muswellbrook NSW Australia
WATERS 1800- Dublin Ireland
WEARNE 1862-1958 Isle Of Wight HAM >Sydney NSW Australia
WEBSTER 1883 Dundee Scotland
WEST 1813 Timberland Lnc England
WHITEHEAD From 1800s Yorkshire England
WILKES 1841- Upper Arley, Sts England
WILLIAMS early 1800s Castle Hill NSW Australia
WILLIAMS, Charles Henry B1863 Braidwood, NSW Australia
WILLIAMSON 1850S Castle Hill /Parramatta NSW Australia
WILLIAMSON early 1800s Castle Hill NSW Mid To Late 1800s Parramatta> Sydney NSW Australia
WILLIS 1800+ London Mdx UK
WOOD 1700-1847 Shetland Scotland>Australia
YOUNG 1893+ Mutooroo Station via Cockburn South Australia, Australia
YOUNG    1876 Middlesex United Kingdom